Rob Chapman, author of " New Barbarians: Outlaws, Gunslingers, and Guitars"

We recently spoke to Rob Chapman, whose new book on supergroup the New Barbarians will leave Stones, Faces and rock and roll fans of all stripes drooling. Aside from telling the the complete tale of one of the wildest, craziest and short-lived bands in history, the book is a visual feast of photos, posters, setlists, and ephemera from their single tour. Don't miss it!


Joel McIver, author of " The Complete History of Black Sabbath"

We recently spoke with author Joel McIver, about his new illustrated history of the legendary Black Sabbath, The Complete History of Black Sabbath. McIver has also writtten books about Metallica, Randy Rhoads, Slipknot and Glenn Hughes.  We asked Joel "Five Questions" about his book about one of the originators of heavy metal music and here's what he had to say!