Burt Feintuch, author of "Taking New Orleans Music"

We recently talked to author Burt Feintuch, author of the recently released Talking New Orleans Music, and asked what his favorite music reads are. "My list, thanks to my being an academic, may be a little odd compared to some," said Feintuch, but we think you'll find them fascinating nonetheless. Here's what Burt recommends.




Yesterday's news on David Bowie's passing was a stunner....just a massive loss. If you need any more proof of his influence, originality and artistry — other than your ears and eyes (also known as sound and vision...) — look no further than the astonishing number of books written about music's greatest chameleon. Pick an era. Pick a book. Any one will do.

The Hangover: Books for New Year's Day Regrets

You overdid it last night and can't get out of bed. Maybe you simply stayed up all night watching the "Twilight Zone" marathon. Either way, you're wiped out and your prospects for accomplishing anything meaningful are nil. So if the TV is too loud at its lowest setting, or you can't yet face your mirror, grab one of these books. You'll feel better...