5 Q's: LaRonda Davis / Black Rock Coalition

Today, we asked “Five Questions” to LaRonda Davis, the president of the Black Rock Coalition. The BRC is a collective of artists, writers, producers, publicists, activists and music fans dedicated to the complete creative freedom of Black artists. Founded by musician Vernon Reid, journalist Greg Tate and producer Konda Mason, the organization celebrates its 30th anniversary this year with unique performances and events.

Love Songs

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Uncovers the unexplored story of the love song for the first time.

The love song is timeless. From its beginnings, it has been shaped by bohemians and renegades, slaves and oppressed minorities, prostitutes, immigrants and other excluded groups. But what do we really know about the origins of these intimate expressions of the heart? And how have our changing perceptions about topics such as sexuality and gender roles changed our attitudes towards these songs?