About Us

We like to think AllMusicBooks.com is a little bit different kind of resource. We love music. It is our passion and we like to broaden our minds by reading the many wonderful books about this passion that are available these days. Our community (we think we’re bigger than a "niche") is made of up all kinds of people …you know, music fans. Like you. And we’d love for you to contribute your own reviews and help grow our community.

How, who, what, when...these books help us understand our own insatiable desire for music. Is Little Richard "simply" an entertainer, or is he a genius? How did he influence Elvis or vice versa? Those of us who are profoundly moved by the music of the 20th century are looking for answers. Of course there won’t be definitive answers but the discussion gets us closer.

We hope that you will participate in this discussion and offer your own thoughtful take. We KNOW you have an opinion —perhaps a strong one— and we feel that this exchange of opinions, even on the same book, will lead to an interesting discourse.

We believe that we, as a species, owe our basic humanity to music. Language comes second and is a direct descendant of music. So let’s read and listen and learn. As musical omnivores we are here to help start the conversation.

AllMusicBooks.com was created by Steven Jurgensmeyer, a 25+ year music industry veteran. Steven served as Creative Director for the trailblazing indie label Rykodisc, which spearheaded compact disc reissue programmes, including David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Frank Zappa and the Hannibal catalogue. He also served in the same capacity for roots-rock stalwart Rounder Records, the largest indedpendent music label in the world. Steven currently helms his own design studio and teaches graphic design and strategic branding courses at a Boston-area college.