Joe Goodden, author of "Riding So High: The Beatles and Drugs"...

We recently spoke with Joe Goodden, author of Riding So High: The Beatles and Drugs. The book is the only full-length study of the Beatles extraordinary journey into the world of marijuana, LSD, and other mindbending experiences. We asked Joe how he came upon the subject, and how he perceived the band's relationship with drugs.

AMB Holiday Picks 2017

Here is our list of books we think should make your Holiday list, either for you or for a loved one's wish list. Naughty or nice, we hope this has it all covered. Where possible we've included a quote from one of our readers reviews, and a link to the review in its entirety. Happy shopping, happy reading, and happy holidays from AllMusicBooks!

Richie Unterberger, author of books on Bob Marley, Fleetwood Mac and more!

We recently asked Richie Unterberger, author of recent illustrated histories of Bob Marley and Fleetwood Mac if he had any favorite music biographies, memoirs, or music books, or if he had read anything recently that he’d like to recommend. Here’s what Richie had to say.