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Head's up, Toronto, Canadian and International music fans! If you experienced a memorable show at the legendary music venue, you can share your story — and pictures! — with music fans worldwide!

That Night At Massey Hall is a limited-edition new book project that will celebrate and chronicle the history of the venue through the eyes and memories of you, the fans.


Since it opened in 1894, Massey Hall has set an international standard for musical excellence and as a destination for the world’s best-known artists. That Night at Massey Hall is a limited-edition new book that will celebrate and chronicle the history of the venue through the eyes and memories of fans and artists by gathering stories, photos and memorabilia. With a foreword written by Rob Bowman – Canadian Grammy award-winning music writer, professor and musicologist – the book will look to relive the great experiences of the past.

“Our aim, our passion, is to tell the story of Massey Hall from the perspective of fans as a gift to those who love the Hall” said publisher, David Binks, whose personal book project has been in the planning for over 10 years. “We hope to create a buzz around the concept of the book that engages artists, the city, the media and fans,” he adds.

From Pavarotti, Duke Ellington, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, U2 and The Tragically Hip, an honour roll of performing artists representing the finest of every genre has filled Massey Hall throughout the years. The Hall’s unique history is rooted in its stunning acoustics, the charm of its concert hall, its location in downtown Toronto, its fans and the personal memories that were born there.

That Night at Massey Hall is calling out to all fans, artists and friends for accounts of their memories of seeing concerts, performing and/or working at the great institution. The goal is to build a unique collection of personal stories, experiences, anecdotes and original photos and memorabilia to tell the incredible history of “The Old Lady of Shuter Street”.

A Rich, Arts Filled Heritage

Fans are invited to share stories of shows that changed the face of music and created life-long memories. That Night at Massey Hall hopes to recreate the sights, smells and sounds of some of the most talked about moments in the history of the Hall, demystifying myths and recounting artists' and fans' experiences.

The book will reflect fans’ personal accounts of memorable appearances by musicians, comedians, stage actors, dancers and speakers. Stories will cover the gamut of musical and performing arts taste — from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra to Oscar Peterson, to Bob Dylan in 1965 and 1980, Rush in 1976, Blue Rodeo, Springsteen, Bieber or Leonard Cohen, as well as comedy shows, lectures, spiritual and political gatherings.

“Of course we are looking for the stories of great performances on stage, but we also want to capture the off-stage memories of special nights and life changing experiences that occurred at Massey Hall,” says Binks.

To make certain that the book reflects the full nostalgic experience, That Night at Massey Hall is looking for original photographs, along with collectible items such as concert tickets and programs, posters, flyers, t-shirts, set lists, etc., to be reproduced in the book. That Night at Massey Hall will be a collectible, informative and entertaining volume perfect for serious music lovers and popular culture fans alike.

Binks adds, “I’d like to think that it is the fans' way of giving something back to Massey Hall itself by capturing the affection and emotional connection to the venue by telling their stories of ‘That Night at Massey Hall’.”

• Limited edition book packed full of stories, stunning rare photographs and memorabilia, this book will document key events of the history of Massey Hall.
• The book will contain previously undocumented interactions behind the scenes, off the stage as well as on it, all of which are told through the personal experiences and photographic lenses of faithful fans and artists.
That Night at Massey Hall is a personal history of the Hall as told through a collection of first-person short stories.
• Share your story today and contribute to the legacy of Massey Hall!

That Night At Massey Hall is a limited-edition new book project that will celebrate and chronicle the history of the venue through the eyes and memories of you, the fans.


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