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There's been some really good books in 2016 and we are working hard on our "Best of..." list and feature. However, as the shopping days wind down, we'd thought we'd offer up a couple of really good reads for that rock and roller who loves books on your list! Here in no particular order are some last minute ideas, along with a snapshot review from some of our readers!


Altamont: The Rolling Stones, the Hells Angels, and the Inside Story of Rock's Darkest Day
by Joel Selvin

In this breathtaking cultural history filled with exclusive, never-before-revealed details, celebrated rock journalist Joel Selvin tells the definitive story of the Rolling Stones’ infamous Altamont concert in San Francisco, the disastrous historic event that marked the end of the idealistic 1960s.

"a deeply researched, minutely detailed, account of the event as it unfolds, occurs and concludes; and as a result comes to conclusions much greater than historical myth or a ‘documentary’ film can portray." — JerseyGirl/

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Kill 'Em and Leave: Searching for James Brown and the American Soul
by James McBride

National Book Award winner James McBride goes in search of the “real” James Brown after receiving a tip that promises to uncover the man behind the myth.

"What makes this book such a gratifying read is how McBride is able to paint a series of small, sort-of-connected vignettes into a larger and telling portrait of the hardest working man in show business, soul music, and America and its “soul.”  Brown’s and America’s stories are very much intertwined, at times beautiful and inspiring, and at others, mean-spirited and ugly." — SteveJ/

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On Bowie
by Rob Sheffield

Lifelong Bowie fan and Rolling Stone critic Rob Sheffield shares his own feelings about the passing of this icon and explains why Bowie’s death has elicited such an unprecedented emotional outpouring from so many lives.

"No one asked me to write my book about Bowie. If I had, it wouldn’t have been nearly as well researched or well written, or as heartfelt. This book will help you sort out your own passions for Bowie." — FerencD/

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Stealing Dylan from Woodstock: When the World Came to the Isle of Wight
by Ray Foulk

Tells, from a unique perspective, the story of an extraordinary event which seismically altered the lives of the author, his family, all those involved with it and many of those who attended.

"...provides readers with a rare glimpse at Dylan through an Anglocentric lens, the book also provides an illuminating window into a relatively undocumented period in Bob Dylan's life." — Jon Pennington/

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Cowboy Song: The Authorised Biography of Philip Lynott
by Graeme Thomson

The ultimate depiction of a multi-faceted Thin Lizzy icon, and an intimate portrait of a much-loved father, son and husband.

"Certainly, Lynott’s combination of rock star and everyman was part of his appeal, and Thomson’s book reflects the bass player’s natural warmth and likeability." — SteveJ/

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