The Hangover: Books for New Year's Day Regrets

You overdid it last night and can't get out of bed. Maybe you simply stayed up all night watching the "Twilight Zone" marathon. Either way, you're wiped out and your prospects for accomplishing anything meaningful are nil. So if the TV is too loud at its lowest setting, or you can't yet face your mirror, grab one of these books. You'll feel better...

The Dirt: Confessions of The World's Most Notorioius Rock Band
Motley Crue (Tommy Lee, Vince Neil, Mick Mars, Nikki Sixx and Neil Strauss)

The mother of all tell-alls. If you're looking for a book to make you feel better, this is it. Trust us, whatever you did pales in comparison...

Rolling Stone called it "utterly revolting."



Hammer Of The Gods: The Led Zeppelin Saga
Stephen Davis

As long as last night or this morning didn't involve a sandshark in your bed, you're still ahead of the game.

The Chicago Tribune called it “one of the most notorious rock biographies ever written," while The Village Voice simply said “incredible.”

Read what you (hopefully) missed out on...


I'm With The Band: Confessions Of A Groupie
Pamela Des Barres

The band at the club was great. The singer AND the guitar player were super hot. Oh, what the hell, you said.

Let Ms. Pamela re-assure you. She's very wise.

"She regrets nothing."  —Los Angeles Times



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