The Giants of Rock Music

The Giants of Rock Music

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Forthright coverage of both the music and the attitudes of today's young musicians in the "pop" revolution makes up The Rock Giants.

The book includes an exclusive interview with guitarist Eric Clapton when he was with Cream; a heavy interview with Frank Zappa of the Mothers of Invention — one of the first interviews granted by Zappa; talks iwht DOnovan, Canned Heat, the Jefferson Airplane, John and Yoko Lennon, and many other rock personalities.

Read the chapter "Censorship, Nudity, and Obscenity in Pop Music" by Professor Jay Ruby for an eye-opener. Charles Zappa writes a revealing article about his brother Frank in "My Brother is an Italian Mother. Paul McCartney's "death" is finally put to rest by England's foremost young writer, Richard Williams, in the biting article "The Paul Perplex."

In addition to the music, the socio-political attitudes of the young "rock giants" are discussed. For example, in the provacative tell-it-like-it-is interview iwth Frank Zappa, Zappa's remarks about getting letters from young anarchists throughout the country. Interviewer Frank Kofsky then asks "Are those the people you wnat to appeal to, or is that what you want people to do then — destroy the system?" Zappa replies, "No, not exactly destroy it. I want it modified to the point where it works properly. A lot of people think that a new political movement, the ideal new political movement, is to bust it all up and start all over again with tribes and feathers in your hair and everybody loves everybody else. That's a lie. Those kids don't love each other; they're in that because it's like another club — it's like the modern-day equivalent of a street gang..."

This, then, is The Rock Giants — articles, interviews and profiles from Jazz & Pop Magazine.