Sharry Wilson / author of "Young Neil: The Sugar Mountain Years"

Sharry Wilson is the author of Young Neil: The Sugar Mountain Years. The book, which is available on ECW Press, is a detailed chronological narrative of the early life of the iconic Canadian musicianWe asked the author if she had any favorite music biographies or books that she had read recently or that she’d like to recommend. Here’s what Sharry had to say.


"Music biographies/memoirs are my favourite kind of reading. Two of my favourites are Life by Keith Richards and Just Kids by Patti Smith. Both proved to be hugely popular for good reason. I'm just one of a legion of fans. Intriguing stories well told.


More recently I've enjoyed reading Special Deluxe, Neil Young's second memoir. It's considerably more coherent than Waging Heavy Peace, although I also enjoyed Neil's first memoir for its unique voice. Whereas Waging Heavy Peace was non-linear, repetitive and rambling , I found Special Deluxe to be considerably more reader friendly. Neil's voice still shines through, but it has the added benefit of linear storytelling and cohesiveness.  Neil's unique tracings/watercolours of some of his favourite cars are scattered throughout the book. Although charming in their own right, they're used as a device to prompt specific memories from Neil during the time he owned each particular vehicle. Neil has had a fascination with cars from an early age and I think it's wonderful that he was able to share his passion with readers."


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