Neil Daniels, author "Live To Win: A Casual Guide to the Music of KISS Frontman Paul Stanley"

We recently asked prolific music book author Neil Daniels if about favorite music biographies or if he had read anything recently that they’d like to recommend. Neil's most recent book, Live To Win: A Casual Guide to the Music of KISS Frontman Paul Stanley, celebrates Stanley’s musical legacy. Here’s what Neil told us about his favorite reads.


"Though I write about rock and metal I enjoy other music books too especially on singer-songwriters. I have a stack of books on Springsteen to get through including the Clinton Heylin one. I also want to read Fred Schruers book on Billy Joel. It’s a shame Joel didn’t authorize his autobiography as intended.








John Tucker’s book on Neat Records is a must have purchase for metal fans. He’s a good friend and has written other NWOBHM ("New Wave of British Heavy Metal") books such as Brian Tatler and Biff Byford’s autobiographies. Martin Popoff’s books are always worth checking out. Looking forward to his Crue one!

There is been a huge interest in rock star autobiographies of late with Joe Perry, Joey Kramer, Steven Tyler releasing books from Aerosmith. Every original member of  KISS. I re-read Paul Stanley’s book Face The Music during the writing of my own book on the Starchild. Face The Music, is the best of the KISS books. I hear Ace is writing another one because fans were left a little disappointed. His was a good read but left gaps. I actually thought Peter Criss’ was better than Ace and Gene’s. Sure, he comes across as bitter but it’s a well written and engrossing book. Then of course there are members of Crue and Roses, and even folks like Heart, Dee Snider and Rick Springfield have written good memoirs. I’m looking forward to Lita Ford’s book. When is Joan Jett gonna release hers? Or even Rob Halford? Lemmy’s book from – what? – a decade ago was disappointing. It’s den to the ghost/co writer as much as anything and I guess publishers like the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll stories. Most of the rock stars can’t remember much. Lol.

Although it’s a few years old, I read Eric Clapton’s book and I’m undecided. He doesn’t seem like a nice bloke to be honest, though I love his music. I certainly don’t agree with his politics…or fox hunting! I also read Ike Turner’s book recently which is of course vastly different from I, Tina. I think Tina herself has yet to write a definitive memoir.

Ross Halfin and Neil Zlozower’s photo books are well worth checking out. I have most of those.

I’ve gone off rock writer’s memoirs. I’m not sure if I will bother with Robert Christgau’s book. Many of the seasoned rock scribes think they’re more famous and important than the bands!

There are so many music books to read and so little time..."