5 Q's: Deborah Feingold, author of "Music"

Today, "Five Questions" are put to Deborah Feingold, whose new book Music came out last week. The NYC-based photographer has photographed musical icons such as Mick Jagger, Madonna, Bono, Prince, Keith Richards, Chet Baker, James Brown & Joey Ramone. The book, published by Damiani is available now on Amazon and fine books stores everywhere.


Have you ever pulled the plug on a shoot and said “This is just not working!”?
Only in my head! Which is not to say that on a few occasions that I did not want to but I am just enough of a masochist that I have always forced myself to finish the shoot. That is part of the challenge, no?

Has a musician?
Indeed. I asked Billy Idol to wave the cape that he was wearing in order to get some movement in to what was becoming very stagnant shoot. Unfortunately the cape hit my light stand,  knocking it to the ground, smashing the head into a bazillion pieces. Maybe he was embarrassed or maybe he felt that that was a grand enough finale… either way, he walked out.

Color or BW? Does the subject or location of the shoot dictate that?
With digital, I make that decision afterwards. With film, mood dictates.

How would you describe your shooting style? Do you direct the action or just try to capture the essence of your subject?
A smorgasbord of styles. It has always been freeing for me to not shoot in one particular style.
When I feel the need, I direct. It is a gift when someone’s essence is so visual that it requires nothing but my presence to capture it.

I love your photo of Keith Richards. He seems very at ease. What was he like to shoot?
Easy breezy!