'Oo, eh?

'Oo, eh?
Reviewer: IanGilchrist
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Who I Am:
A Memoir
544 pages
First Edition edition
October 08, 2012
ISBN 10:
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The most highly anticipated autobiography from the voice of a generation.

Pete Townshend's book Who I Am is engrossing if you're an 'Oo acolyte, but is also exasperating insofar as his choices about what to discuss in depth are concerned — too much about his romantic life, not enough about the making of various albums and films and behind the scenes shenanigans, in my view.

In the end though, the book is very moving, and showcases all the foibles and contradictions that have always made him the most human and empathetic of the rock gods of that era.

Once again, thanks for helping me get through adolescence, Pete: rock is dead, long live rock.