As Time Goes By

As Time Goes By

From the publisher...

Living in the Sixties with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Brian Epstein, Allen Klein, Mae West, Brian ... Los Angeles, New York City, and on the Road

Derek Taylor's iconic memoir is a rare opportunity to be immersed in one of the most whirlwind music sensations in history: Beatlemania. The reissue of the book has come together with the help and guidance of Jon Savage, Vanessa Taylor (Derek's daughter) and Jonathan Clyde, the head of Apple Records. It's been out of print for 35 years and is considered the first piece of classic writing on The Beatles.

As Time Goes By tells the remarkable story of Taylor's trajectory from humble provincial journalist to loved confidant right at the center of the Beatles' magic circle. In charming, conversational prose, Taylor shares anecdotes and reminiscences so vivid and immediate that you find yourself plunged into the beating heart of 1960s counterculture. Whether watching the debut performance of "Hey Jude" in a country pub or hearing first-hand gossip about a star-studded cast of characters, Taylor's unique narrative voice forges an autobiography like no other.

Reissued here in a brand new edition with a foreword by celebrated writer Jon Savage, this long-admired memoir is a cult classic of the genre awaiting a new readership. The Beatles are supporting publication on their social media accounts, as Derek is seen as one of the integral parts of The Beatles puzzle. He served as both their PR and PR for Apple Records.