Searching For Sugar Man

Searching For Sugar Man

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Sixto Rodriguez' Mythical Climb to Rock N Roll Fame and Fortune

Until 2012 the name Sixto Rodriguez didn’t mean much in America. But in South Africa, Sixto Rodriguez was a rock ‘n’ roll legend. When a documentary titled Searching for Sugar Man, about the musician’s surprising fame in South Africa won the Academy Award in 2012, Sixto Rodriguez found himself in the spotlight that evaded him for so long.

Now in this new biography by prolific rock writer and historian Howard DeWitt, Sixto Rodriguez’s life and contributions to music receive the attention they deserve.

Despite critical acclaim, Rodriguez’s two albums, recorded in the early 1970s, never sold many copies in the United States. So Rodriguez did what he had to, turning to manual labor in Detroit to raise three daughters as a single parent. Despite small pockets of dedicated fans cropping up over the years, Rodriguez remained virtually ignored by the music industry, though music business fat cats seemed more than willing to collect royalty earnings from his songs.

Separating myth from the fascinating reality of this man’s life, Searching for Sugar Man presents Sixto Rodriguez for the brilliant contrarian he is — and celebrates his resurrection from the creative dead to find international stardom.