Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay

Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay

From the publisher...

An Anthology

The exhilarating, endlessly creative work of rock and roll has fascinated us since the earliest days of the genre. This book assembles the writing of those who played the music and pushed it to new limits, as well as those who were there to witness and celebrate its power.

Here you'll find all the crazy magic of rock and roll, from the earliest days to the present, from the brightest moments of the biggest stars to obscure but compellingly significant treasures, including Joan Didion sitting in on a Doors recording session, Roddy Doyle's Commitments searching for Irish soul, Tom Wolfe turning his pen to the Beatles phenomenon, Patti Smith evoking her first response to the Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa testifying before Congress, and Yoko Ono explaining John Lennon's death to their son.

Enjoy performances by the great rock critics, and share tributes remembering in their glory some of the stars who are making noise in the hereafter.