LIFE Unseen: Tony Bennett

LIFE Unseen: Tony Bennett

From the publisher...

An Illustrated Biography

In this lavishly illustrated volume of the LIFE Unseen series, readers will experience an incredible, intimate story on the rise, fall, redemption and a late-in-life act unlike any other. As they once did in the pages of their magazine, LIFE will take readers through every stage of Tony Bennett's journey, from newly-returned WWII veteran to American idol and civil rights advocate.

LIFE is perfectly positioned to do a book on the legendary performer; its managing editor first profiled Tony in the monthly magazine, and has subsequently co-written one of Bennett's own books.

Tony himself contributes to the book. Moreover, in this second collaboration with Sony, LIFE's editors plumb the archives at the record company for all of the behind-the-scenes photography that most fans-plus Tony!-don't know about.

When you're 86 years old, your fans have seen you, and think they know you. And yet, in these pages, fans will see Tony as they've never seen him.