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An Autobiography

In this explosive account, Dave Davies reveals all of the inside stories of his exciting and turbulent years as the founding member and lead guitarist of The Kinks.

A fantastically honest autobiography — sometimes painful, sometimes euphoric — Kink tells all about the genesis and continuing success of one of rock and roll's most important bands. Led by Dave Davies and his brother, Ray, the Kinks created a whole new wave of music culture.

They began as a small band performing at clubs and society functions until 1964 when they exploded onto the scene with their hit, "You Really Got Me." Suddenly thrown into a whirlwind of tours and personal appearances at the age of sixteen, Dave became notorious as the wild boy of rock.

In this uncut account of life on the edge, Davies delves into the turbulence of his own amazing life — from his inauspicious beginnings as a teenage dropout in the Muswell Hill suburb of North London to sudden and unbelievable stardom, plagued by an often volatile relationship with his older brother. Through Davies' eyes, we see how the evolution of that relationship is reflected in their music. And Dave Davies holds nothing back in describing their lifelong feud, including the time Ray tried to trade Dave to a wealthy gay concert promote in exchange for his mansion.

Davies also hurls us into the subversive London rock scene, painted with the intimate details of the friendships and rivalries with the Rolling Stones, the Who, the Beatles, the Doors, and Chrissie Hynde.

In many ways, the Kinks were at the forefront of the sexual revolution as they openly encouraged exploration in both their music and their behavior. Dave remembers doing "anything for laughs, just to be outrageous," and reveals his own experimentation with bisexuality and drugs.

From his 1960s hedonism, Dave Davies' life as a rocker visited extreme lows and highs. In Kink, he looks at how he survived the cutthroat dealings of the record business, conquered alcohol and drugs, and overcame the tortures of paranoia and mental breakdowns and his suicide attempts. And here, for the first time, Dave tells his remarkable story of a personal spiritual awakening that profoundly changed his life.

Successions of hits like "All Day and All of the Night," "Lola," and "Come Dancing" have kept the Kinks at the front and center of the tumultuous and stormy transatlantic rock music scene for an incredible three decades. But Kink is not only a wild tour through rock history, it is also a captivating portrait of a legendary artist and rock innovator.