The Album Cover Art of Punk!

The Album Cover Art of Punk!

From the publisher...

"Never Mind The Bollocks! Here's The Sex Pistols": the world got this message 20 years ago, when it appeared on the cover of the Sex Pistols first album — letters cut from the newspapers and glued on yellow cardboard like a statement by some anonymous kidnappers. Here you have one of the strongest prototypes of Punk's cover art.

The Cover Art of Punk is a stunning collection of the most familiar and the rarest, the most basic and the most inventive album covers created during one of the most exciting eras in the history of popular music. From the mid-seventies on this rebellious and anarchic musical movement turned the world of rock upside down.

And this book documents the visual side of the Punk rebellion: with album covers by the most notorious artists — from the American precursors like the New York Dolls and The Stooges to the Sex Pistols and The Clash, and on to "contemporary punksters" like the German superstars Die Toten Hosen.

This collection of album covers of the Punk era is unique — it is the first international publication to the visuals of Punk album covers. It reflects explosive atmospheres of this music which even two decades later has not lost its explosive power. So it seems safe to say theat the No Future Generation is still very much alive, at least if you look at the many fine examples of cover art gathered here.

The sleeve designers of Punk created a new visual language which is still applicable nowadays. They took what they could get, they cut up papers in order to spell out new messages. Frequently having to work with very low budgets they turned poverty of means into a creative advantage. They could not afford to waste time or resources,  nor did they  care, and so they came straight to the heart of matters.

The visual language of Punk is rough, tough and very efficient. But in its syntax we find the graffiti of the situationsists and the collages of dadaists as well as the elements of futurism and surrealism. This cover art mirrors the music: Punk Rock destroyed, at least for a while, the traditional values of rock society and the frozen aesthetics of the music business — and on the visual side creative and innovative anarchy took over, too.

This book documents the cover design of the experimental era of Punk, which is still alive and every once in a while still coming up with a stunning new idea.