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Review Title Book
“I don’t know what they do with their lives…” The Dylanologists: Adventures in the Land of Bob
Billie Joe and Bobbie... Bobbie Gentry "Ode to Billie Joe": 33 1/3 Series
Rock ‘n’ Roll “Zelig” Backstage Passes and Backstabbing Bastards: Memoirs of a Rock 'n' Roll Survivor
Fender Arty-fact The Fender Archives: A Scrapbook of Artifacts, Treasures, and Inside Information
Repeat Dirty Rocker Boys
It takes one to know one… The Rock Snob's Dictionary: An Essential Lexicon of Rockological Knowledge
Lost in History... The History of Rock 'n' Roll in Ten Songs
(Don't) Start Me Up... The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones: Sound Opinions on the Great Rock 'n' Roll Rivalry
Let Me Roll It... Man On The Run: Paul McCartney in the 1970s
In A Silent Way... Jazz in the Bittersweet Blues of Life