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I'm a writer, musician, chemist, runner, and family man. Obsessed with music, especially The Beatles. New England born and raised.
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Reviews by this Reviewer

Review Title Book
Not Like Everybody Else Ray Davies: A Complicated Life
Like a Rollin' Stone Brian Jones: The Making of the Rolling Stones
The Faces of Mod Mods - The New Religion: The Style and Music of the 1960s Mods
A More Satisfying Look at His Life Paul McCartney: A Life
50+ Years of the Stones in Photos The Rolling Stones
With the Beatles on Tour! Beatlemania!: The Real Story of The Beatles UK Tours
Sympathy For the Devil The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones
Page After Page of Page By Page Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page
The Future's Uncertain and the End is Always Near... Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre: A Biography of the Doors
Here They Are: The Beatles! Some Fun Tonight! The Backstage Story of How the Beatles Rocked America: The Historic Tours of 1964-1966