Greetings From BrookPark

Greetings From BrookPark
Reviewer: Bschmuck
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The Light in Darkness:
208 pages
February 24, 2014
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Collector's edition book focuses exclusively on the "Darkness on The Edge Of Town" album and tour.

I was happy for the chance to share my story in this wonderful accounting of the 1978 Darkness tour. The August 09, 1978, show was an unforgettable night at the Cleveland Agora with my friends.

My story did not begin nor end at the concert. From the day the show was announced to getting into the "after show party,"  I share how I went from not having a ticket to being seated in the front row.  In between there was a chance meeting with Bruce in an elevator, a song dedication, an empty bank account, and how I save my relationship with my girlfriend.

This was just one of many stories that you will find in Lawrence's masterpiece, "Light in the Darkness." In the personal telling of the stories, you learn of the musical landscape of the times, and Bruce's reemergence after a 3 year exile between Born to Run and Darkness. 

Readers who did not live through that time of career uncertainty, will come to know that certainty existed in Bruce's talents and the loyalty of his fans....simply put this book gives voice to those fans who were there and an appreciation to those fans who wished they had been there. 

Brian Schmuck