Completely drawn in

Completely drawn in
Reviewer: Kim_Murphy
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Ellington at the White House 1969:
334 pages
First edition
January 01, 2014
ISBN 10:
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The story of April 29, 1969, the night President Nixon awarded the Medal of Freedom to Duke Ellington — the first time in U.S. history anyone in jazz had been so honored.

Most of my research has been during the Civil War era, so you can imagine my surprise when I was completely drawn in by Ellington at the White House. Even though the book takes place just before I got into music myself, Mr. Faine's research is fantastic and his love for the topic echoed throughout. To top it off, the many superb photos bring the night of Duke's highest achievement to life.

If you love jazz, Ellington at the White House is an absolute must for your bookshelf!