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Review Title Book
Get To Know Johnny Rotten Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored
Diverse Subjects, Worth the Time Here She Comes Now: Women in Music Who Have Changed Our Lives
Hyden Goes Klosterman On Us and It Works Your Favorite Band Is Killing Me: What Pop Music Rivalries Reveal About the Meaning of Life
Sit Back and Hear Hooky's Tales ... The Hacienda: How Not to Run a Club
Throwing Dirt on Ian's Grave Touching from a Distance: Ian Curtis and Joy Division
Fine Read About a Year In the Life of the Band Sleater-Kinney's "Dig Me Out": 33 1/3 Series
Sound of Growing Up LCD Soundsystem "Sound of Silver": 33 13 Series
An Abecedarian Masterpiece "Beat Happening": 33 1/3 Series
Cobain the Way He Ought To Be Remembered Cobain on Cobain: Interviews and Encounters
Get To Know Johnny Rotten Anger Is an Energy: My Life Uncensored