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Cool Flippin' Book...
Reviewer: SteveJ
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The Beatles:
Cover to Cover: A Flipbook
January 01, 2008
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An animated journey through the Beatles album covers.

The Beatles: Cover to Cover – A Flipbook is a pretty neat little collectible. It is by far the coolest one in the series; there’s also Beatles 1967: Sgt. Pepper's and Beatles 1968 editions as well, but both of those are half the size.

Cover to Cover clocks in at 4”x 6” and nearly an inch thick. It’s really big for a flipbook and the graphics are great and easy to view. The color reproductions are really nice and it’s printed on a heavy paper stock to (hopefully!) withstand many trips through the lads’ back catalogue.

It’s important to note that not “all” the Beatles covers are accounted for, but all of the biggies, except perhaps Beatles For Sale and Magical Mystery Tour are here. The initial (and cover) imagery is the photography — not the composed album cover — from 1963’s With The Beatles (Meet The Beatles in the U.S.) and it quickly morphs into A Hard Day’s Night.  The transition from Rubber Soul to Revolver is quite clever, although my favorite is the segue from The White Album to Abbey Road. It’s incredibly creative and very well done. And I did not see that Yellow Submarine coming; that put a smile on my face. All in all, there are ten different album covers.

If you’re a Beatles fan or you know a Beatles fan and need a gift idea, this should be at the very top of your list. While it’s hard to gauge the “collectibles market,” I’m happy to have this sit on my shelf and it’s fun to show off; everyone thinks it’s groovy. Well done, Fliptomania!

A buyer’s caveat: the listing at Amazon is incorrect: the picture, description and publisher information are indeed this book. The “title “ is an M.C. Escher book and the ISBN number references both books (depending on where you shop), but I received the M.C. Escher book in my Amazon order. I eventually purchased my copy on E-Bay.

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