This Book Grew on Me

This Book Grew on Me
Reviewer: Biskit
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Wild Tales:
A Rock & Roll Life
368 pages
September 17, 2013
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Candid and riveting autobiography from the legendary musician and founding member of the iconic bands Crosby, Stills & Nash and The Hollies.

I started off not liking Graham Nash that much nor liking his writing, but he won me over in the end.

He is a man who really seems to know himself. He is a pretty good activist but he admits that there are more effective ones. He is a good musician but over and over in the books admits there are much better, such as the genius of Joni Mitchell and Neil Young (well, not just Canadians.)

His initial comments about women were a bit superficial, but he was talking about a time he was young and immature by his own admission. 

A rare book in that he neither condemns nor glorifies drugs, although there is plenty of it.

The whole tone of the book is a bit breezy, but by the end you can see that he is a good friend, a good son, and a good father. He has an interesting perspective on things, but in the end I felt that the most interesting was his perspective on himself. 

I'm not a huge CSN&Y fan but not only did I enjoy the book, but it qualified as a good music book for me in that it sent me to listen to the music he describes, not just the Hollies and CSN, but also The Everly Brothers.