Tales from the Stage

Tales from the Stage

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Volume #1

Take a personal journey with some of the biggest names from the hard rock and heavy metal movement, as they relive their past, discuss the present, and enlighten us about their plans moving forward in the music industry.

Tales from the Stage #1 consists of 15 in depth interviews with some of the most influential names from the hard rock and heavy metal genre. Each interview starts with basic personal questions (birthday, hometown, education, marital status, etc) , then we dive into their career leaving no stone unturned. We clear up all controversies and ambiguities with their bands, band mates, and management.

Then it s a free for all; If you took a drug test today what would it tell us? When was your last run-in with the law? Who will you be voting for in 2012 for President? What do you drink during a gig? Your craziest groupie experience? Who are you listening to in your car right now? Have you ever been afraid for your safety while on stage? What kind of car do you drive?.........and dozens others!