Reggae Explosion

Reggae Explosion

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The Story of Jamaican Music

Jamaican music has had a disproportionate effect on the rest of the world — an astonishing achievement for a tiny Caribbean island which has a population of just three million people. Spearheaded by the popularity of reggae and the figurehead of Bob Marley, its' reverberating rhythms have found a resonance with a diverse international audience. Reggae Explosion charts the course of this extraordinary cultural revolution.

The acclaimed team of writer Chris Salewicz and photographer Adrian Boot have brought togeher 50,000 words of infomred insightful text and over 400 striking images from the ReggaeXplosion archive to create a history that contains a potent cocktail of drama, turbulence, pride and protest.

Fromthe earliest emergence in the 1950s of the fiercely competitive sound systems, fighting sonic battles in downtown Kingston, the story of Jamaican music istraced through ska, the birth of reggae, dub, roots reggae and the impact of Bob Marley to the new, harder-edged developments that have emerged in the last twenty years, including dancehall, ragga and jungle.

Unpublished transcripts of interviews with key figures like Lee 'Scratch' Perry and Prince Buster introduce the authentic voices of reggae history to the book — which blends deeply researched fact, stunning graphics and rare images to create not only a sense of the pulse of the music, but also the contrasts of poverty, humour, desperation and joie de vivre that typify both the island of Jamaica and its music.