More Room in a Broken Heart

More Room in a Broken Heart

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The True Adventures of Carly Simon

A love song to an American icon: the first full-length biography of Carly Simon, from an acclaimed music journalist who has known her for decades

Carly Simon has won two Grammys and an Academy Award, and her albums have sold more than forty million copies. Her music has touched countless lives since her debut in the 1970s, yet her own life story has remained unpublished-until now. Tapping private archives, family interviews, and a forty-year friendship with the legend herself, Stephen Davis at last captures Carly Simon's extraordinary journey from shy teenager to superstar. More Room in a Broken Heart candidly covers everything her fans want to know, including:

• Growing up with her father, publishing mogul Richard Simon
• The Bob Dylan turning point that launched her career
• The real story behind "You're So Vain"
• Carly's severe stage fright (she's the only musical guest to pretape an SNL segment)
• Romantic involvements with Mick Jagger, Warren Beatty, and Cat Stevens
• How Carly and James Taylor went from being pop music's reigning couple to independent souls living at opposite ends of Massachusetts
• Surviving breast cancer
• Her recent financial and spiritual crises

Along the way, Davis vividly takes readers back to some of the most powerful eras in American music history and delivers a tribute worthy of the artist and her loyal fans, who know that nobody does it better than Carly Simon.