Getting High

Getting High

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Adventures of Oasis

Chaos, controversy, and mayhem will forever fill the pages of the Oasis story. But here is a group that has changed the face of music in the nineties. A group whose gigs will be remembered for generations to come, and whose recordings will undoubtedly stand the test of time. Paolo Hewitt has found himself in the center of the Oasis whirlwind.

A highly respected and talented music writer, he has been given total, unhindered access to the group, their close friends, and family. Wherever Oasis goes, he joins them — on never-ending tour bus journeys, in backstage dressing rooms, and partying through any number of towns around the world. Getting High is Hewitt's remarkable account of Oasis's amazing journey from childhood dreamers to international stars. He combines on-the-spot reporting with extensive research into the group's background and roots.

Getting High is the first honest, intimate, and thrilling inside account of the adventures of a band that has undeniably made music history.