Banned On The Run

Banned On The Run

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The Music THEY Wouldn't Let YOU Buy

Banned On The Run is the astonishing collection of songs, record covers and artists that have caused outrage and indignation leading to bans and, in some cases, even arrests over seven decades. The list of names affected by the decision-making broadcasters, retailers, record companies or what we call ‘the authorities,’ reads like a veritable who’s who of rock and pop’s greatest names.

Brian Southall’s history of the songs, performers, record covers BANNED by ‘the authorities’ includes the incredible facts behind stories such as…
Roger Daltrey trying to perfect Sonny Boy Williamson’s stuttering, Cliff Richard banning himself, the airbrushing out of Alice Cooper’s ‘penis’ on a record cover, and attempts by USA citizens to get Justin Bieber deported to his native Canada.

Did you know that Serge Gainsbourg’s ‘Je T’Aime Moi Non Plus’ was the first single banned from UK’s Top of the Pops and that before that No.1 hit with Jane Birkin he’d completed an earlier version with Brigitte Bardot?

What was the real reason the Sex Pistols were prevented from topping the singles chart with ‘God Save The Queen’ in Silver Jubilee week 1977?

Why did a falling out between Terence Stamp and The Smiths create a collectors’ item in 1984?

Boycotted, banned and the subject of death threats – what exactly was The Dixie Chicks’ crime in 2003?

All is revealed in Banned On The Run: The Music THEY Wouldn't Let YOU Buy