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The Illustrated History of the World's Greatest Amplifiers

In a world where technological progress for the sake of "the product" seems to outstrip genuine cultural and social advancement, it's refreshing to still be able to fire up a chunk of archaic technology and make some rock'n'roll.

Enter Amped, a history of the world's greatest guitar and bass amplifiers, from the quaint 1937 Rickenbacher M11 to the latest and greatest Matchless.

Here are more than sixty classic amps, including Leo Fender's inconic tweed Bassman, the sonorous Vox AC30, Jim Marhsall's powerhouse stacks, Supro, Hiwatt, Orange, Mesa Boogie, Alexander Dumble's mad creations, Trainwreck, and many more — plus some cool oddities, electrical freaks and fascinating failures.

Now, if they could just bottle that vintage tube amp smell, we would really be getting somewhere.